Thursday, 29 June 2017

June 2017 Meeting

The Wine Club's "Tipplers' Stroll", took place on Tuesday 6th June, a delightful evening, thanks to the hospitality, first of Heather, and then of Suzanne and Peter - not too long a stroll between the two venues. 

Twenty-four of our members were treated to an interesting range of wines to suit all tastes. 

Heather had chosen two reds - a French Pays d'Oc organic Shiraz and a Campo Viojo Rioja from Spain; two whites - a South African Chardonnay, and an Australian Sauvignon/Pinot Grigio blend; and an Italian Pinot Grigio Blush. 

The choice offered by Suzanne and Peter was equally diverse: the reds were a Shiraz and a Merlot from Australia and a Merlot from Chile; the whites were a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa and one from France, with a blush, also from Italy. 

Our hosts also provided a most ample spread of very welcome nibbles and snacks. We owe them our sincerest thanks for making such a success of our evening.

July 4th is our next date, when we gather for a summer BBQ at the Hoskins.