Monday, 12 October 2015

October 2015 meeting

October's Wine Club meeting, under the heading "Beer and cider pub night with games", (wine, too, of course) was thoroughly enjoyed by the twenty-one members who happily faced the challenge of the games available. 

More or less well known, these were bagatelle, quoits, table skittles (complete with woodworm from their attic home) jenga and good, old-fashioned shove ha'penny. 

Members worked in pairs, their names being drawn out of a hat (well, a plastic tumbler, no hats being to hand) and some impressive scores were logged up. 

It was not a formal competition, but a little prize was given to the pair judged to be most successful - Chris Hoskins and Sarah Miller - who won four out of their four games.

November's event, on Tuesday 3rd, 8.00 pm at the Christchurch Centre, will be the Annual General Meeting. Main items on the agenda are the election of the committee and adoption of a programme for 2016, (also, subs will be collected). Members' input is important so a good turnout is hoped for.