Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March 2012 meeting

Tuesday 6th March was the club's Skittles night at The Haycutters' Inn, and was thoroughly enjoyed by twenty-eight members. The landlord's buffet supper helped fuel the bowling, which, as usual, improved as the evening wore on. The winners were team C - Suzanne C., Mo, Gill, Graham B. and Kent;  the best individual score was Gill's 31;  and the highest score with 2 balls was Denise's 17.

Our thanks to Derek L. for running the competition and to Graham B. for the transport.

April's meeting is on Tuesday 10th (not the first Tuesday because of Easter), at the Community Centre at the usual time of 8.00, when Chris Hoskins will be the speaker and quiz-master. Chris will be talking about Morris dancing and other interests.

February 2012 meeting

February's event - attended by sixteen members on a cold, snowy evening - was a very interesting and enjoyable wine-tasting presented by Chris and Harriet from Majestic Wines of Reigate. Four reds were offered:  a pinot noir from the Loire Valley which was compared with a merlot from Chile and a GSM (Grenach/Siraz/Mourvedre) from the Rhone to compare with a similar blend from South Australia. Two whites tried were a chardonnay from Chile and a chenin blanc from South Africa. We were also given samples of food that were recommended with each wine. (We can confirm that chocolate does go well with red wine, in particular on this occasion with the Rhone GSM. )

On Tuesday 6th March we go to The Haycutter for skittles and a buffet supper.
Starting time is 7.30 p.m. A coach will pick up at 7 o'clock in Kings Cross Lane, 7.05 at the foot of the Avenue, 7.08 at the Village Hall, and, if required, about 7.12 at top Nutfield.

January 2012 meeting

On 10th January thirty Wine Club members gathered at The Dog and Duck to celebrate the new year. Over an excellent dinner, a convivial time was enjoyed by all. Our New Year wishes go to the few who were not able to join us.

At our next meeting, on Tuesday 7th February, we welcome a representative from Majestic Wines who will be bringing wines from the new world and from the old, for us to taste and to compare. This will be at the Christchurch Centre, beginning at 8.00 p.m. (There will be a small extra charge to cover the cost of the wines.)

Link collating - It is the Wine Club's turn to help this month, on Tuesday 28th (NOT the date printed in our programme), 7.15 p.m. at the Village Hall (in the back room).

December 2011 meeting

December's meeting was very well attended, with 31 members enjoying an excellent spread of the dishes contributed by everyone. It was a companionable evening which marked a good start to the festive season, with raffle prizes providing some welcome early presents.

On Tuesday 10th January, 7.30 p.m., we meet for our New Year Dinner at the Dog and Duck.

If you have transport or other problems, please let me know.

2012 Programme

Our new 2012 programme is available to download and printout – all members will receive a printed copy at the next meeting.