Monday, 20 February 2017

February 2017 Meeting

Our February lived up to its name when twenty-one members gathered to taste a variety of wines. These had been chosen by three of our members and proved to be very popular. 

It was particularly interesting to compare two different pinot noirs, a Wairau Cove from Marlborough, New Zealand, and an Incanta from Romania, as well as two different malbecs, one from California, by Barefoot, and one from Argentina, by Graffigna. 

Three whites were a riesling, Cono Sur, from Chile (probably the favourite), a Stamford Brook chardonnay from Australia and a Villamaria sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. 

We confidently recommend them all.

Next month we have a skittles evening at the Limpsfield British Legion Club, on Tuesday 7th, 7.00pm with supper at about 8.30pm