Tuesday, 14 September 2021

September 2021 Meeting

Our September meeting saw us back in Christ Church Hall for our ‘Night at the Races’ – dog racing. Everyone was given a betting slip and £5,000 in ‘monopoly’ money. 

There were 8 races in total and we were able to own and/or train as many dogs as we wanted. However, only 1 person could own or train each dog, so you had to make your selection early to avoid disappointment. 

It cost £100 to own a dog and £50 to train and if they should come in either 1st or 2nd, as an Owner you win £200 and as a Trainer £100 – in addition to any monies that you had placed on the dog as a bet.

Betting slips were completed and handed in before each race and returned with winnings or not! At the end of the evening, Isobel and Pat were awarded the bottles of wine with winnings totalling £8,400 and £7,600 respectively, with the wooden spoon awarded to Chris, who finished the evening with £100.

A big thank you to Graham H, Caroline and Kent for organising a thoroughly enjoyable evening and to Mary and Derek for organising the raffle.