Monday, 15 January 2018

January 2018 New Years Dinner

On the 9th January, 24 members of the wine club enjoyed a New Year’s dinner together.

The venue was the Farmhouse Pub, situated on the edge of Langshott Wood, just outside Horley town. This early 17th century farmhouse, originally known as Hewitt’s Farm, has 400 years history, and is a very interesting building. 

Tracy and her team were very welcoming, and did a great job considering the size of our group. Many thanks to Heather, Pete and Maureen for organising the dinner, and to Graham and Janet for the transport.

Next month, we will be meeting on Tuesday 6th February where members Barry, Chris and Janet will be introducing their favourite wines. Village residents are encouraged to call me if they are interested in sampling a club event, or would like to learn more about the club.