Tuesday, 28 August 2018

August 2018 Meeting

On 11th August, a group of about 20 members ventured out of the village to Nutbourne Vineyard for a tour and wine tasting.

We sampled 5 excellent wines, which must have been tasty, as several members purchased bottles to take home.  Members made a small presentation to Keith, who recently stepped down as Chair of the club.  We visited Arundel for afternoon tea on the way back.  Many thanks to Barry for organising the trip, and to Graham for the transport.

We next meet on September 4th for a Spanish-themed evening in the village.

Our club is an informal one, which enjoys wine, food, and good company.  There is only a nominal members’ annual fee, and a very low charge for certain events.  Village residents are encouraged to call me if they are interested in sampling a club event, or would like to learn more about the club.