Monday, 15 June 2015

June 2015 meeting

For the Wine Club's "Tipplers' Stroll", a wet June morning cleared and gave us a fine evening, during which twenty-two members enjoyed an excellent choice of wines selected by our hosts. 

Our first stop was at Kent's who offered a refreshing white from Australia and a deliciously smooth red from Chile. We then made our way (yes, some on foot) to Heather's, where her selection of reds and whites from Italy, Chile and France offered something to suit every palate. 

At both venues we were regaled with what to be called 'nibbles' would be an insult, the spread of food presented being so much more than just nuts and crisps. We must thank our hosts for their hospitality and the trouble they took to make us all welcome.

July's meeting is the summer party, on Tuesday 7th at 7.30 pm, in the new Memorial Hall.