Monday, 12 July 2021

July 2021 Meeting

On 6th July, fifteen members (including a new member) of the Nutfield Wine Club enjoyed the club’s summer party at the local venue of the South Nutfield Cricket Club (SNCC). 

There had been showers all day, but fortunately the rain held off for our party, although temperatures were a little cool. We have had very few meetings in the last year, so members were delighted to see each other in person, and not be pixillated (that’s not a euphemism). 

Members enjoyed catching up, having a range of liquid refreshments and supper, and taking part in a quiz.

Thanks to Jim Paulett and the SNCC for the venue, Heather for organising the event, to Mary and Derek for the raffle, and Graham H for doing a great job of running the quiz. For the record, the Fortified Team had a comfortable win over the Fizzy team.